Happy employees are 200% more productive than unhappy employees.



Organizations with happy employees deliver 50% higher sales.



Unhappy workplaces have a 41% higher turnover rate.



One study concluded that only 50% of US workers are happy with their jobs.

Employee engagement is a key indicator of a company’s health and success

Amazing Workplace exists to bridge the gap between Employee Happiness and Business Success. Happy employees are not only more productive and invested in company success, but they’re also more likely to stay.

The first employee happiness platform™ Our system is more than just a survey

Your organization’s challenges are unique and require a custom tailored approach. The EHMS is a comprehensive tool with over 400 survey templates to help you measure, understand and take action.


Gather critical information from your beloved employees.


Survey feedback is brilliantly simplified into what matters most.


Establish and track exact actions to deliver actual change.


Enjoy the fact that your company is an Amazing Workplace.

Personalized Results

Every workplace is different. Our platform gives you the power to be amazing in your own way.


Honest answers begin with confidentiality. Give your employees total peace of mind. 

Solution Oriented

Survey feedback generates a specific list of actions to help you become–or stay–amazing.

Short & Easy

We studied over 1,000 questions and created a survey that takes less than 7 minutes.

Employee Happiness Survey™ No buzzwords, just truth.

You’d be surprised how often people misunderstand each other. At Amazing Workplace, we designed our Employee Happiness Survey™ for one thing: useful feedback. That means no corporate lingo, no vague terminology, and nothing left to chance. Because when your goal is employee happiness, clarity is king.

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10 Reasons To Use Our Employee Happiness Survey™

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Become an Amazing Workplace Certified™ Embrace your glory

Certification is more than just a badge. It’s an ongoing series of actions that prove you care about your employees. It’s time to show the world what you’re made of.

Why should you become certified?

Lower turnover compared to non-certified organizations
Higher likelihood of attracting highly qualified candidates
More succesful when staff feel they have an Amazing Workplace

Testimonials Across many industries, our clients are pretty happy


Our workplace is amazing and has been for over 5 years. The reports let us fine tune things. Our employees feel heard and appreciate that we continue to use their feedback to fine tune things. Covid was hard, but this process really helped keep things together and on the right track.

VP of HR

Getting certified is one of the best decisions we ever made. It seems like nearly every applicant mentions that they were interested in us because we are an amazing workplace. It has really made a difference in hiring.

HR Hiring Manager

Amazing Workplace delivers on its promise. We've used all of the ranking companies and a few of the paid for survey services over the years. None of them even come close. The reports from Amazing Workplace give easy to understand steps that really work. Our people love the surveys too–they are way better than the other 'standardized test' surveys.

Marketing Director

I love that engagement is just one part of the Amazing Workplace platform – not the entire focus. We’ve struggled for years with a lack of results from our employee engagement surveys. I wish we had used Amazing Workplace years ago. We are finally seeing real positive change and our employees love the surveys from Amazing Workplace.

HR Hiring Manager

MAGIC INSIGHTS THAT LEAD TO EXACT ACTIONS Information is good. But action? That’s where it gets done.

What if there were exact actions that would improve employee satisfaction, intelligently created to make YOUR workplace amazing? With Amazing Workplace, that’s exactly what happens.


Created by proven business owners, organizational leaders and HR professionals.


Backed by 10 years of research and 25,000 data points.

Advanced technology

Built with advanced functionality and smart technology.


Easily track all actions, what they require, and where they stand.

Discover workplace serenity Action plans & personalized recommendations, powered by smart technology.

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The difference is amazing How Amazing Workplace stacks up

Amazing Workplace

  • Happiness Surveys
  • Online Platform
  • Actionable Insights
  • Exact Steps for Improvement
  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Employee Comments Management System
  • Researched Exact Actions for Improvement
  • Action Plan Wizard - step-by-step improvement
  • Post Verified Employee Reviews
  • Public Profile Page to let the world know your workplace is Amazing!

Ranking Companies

(Great Place to Work, Top Workplaces, Best Places to Work, etc.)

  • Surveys
  • Results Report (often PDF)
  • Awards
  • Certifications

Employee Engagement Solutions

(Gallup, Culture Amp, Lattice, Glint, Qualtrics, etc.)

  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Online Platform
  • Insights
  • Ideas for Improvement

Prioritize employee happiness & organizational culture.

See How It Works

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Who is a good fit for Amazing Workplace?

When new clients come to us, they are typically broken down into the following categories:

  1. They want to be ranked or recognized. Becoming Amazing Workplace Certified™ is a great way to attract top talent, cultivate partnerships, improve employer branding, increase partner trust, and improve industry recognition.
  2. They want to eliminate inaccurate online reviews. If such reviews do not properly reflect a company’s environment, they can severely hamper recruitment, performance, and much more.
  3. Everything else related to company and employee wellness. The health of a company is accurately reflected in the employees. With our service, we improve company health by improving employee happiness and engagement.
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What went into developing the Amazing Workplace standards?

  • 20+ years of studying surveys and results
  • Tens of thousands of employee survey comments reviewed
  • Over 1,000 survey questions reviewed, organized, and evaluated
  • Obtaining #1 rankings across several companies and geographic locations–spanning nearly a decade
  • Developing a survey technology smart enough to extract patterns of behavior
  • Compiling lists of actions taken by the most successful companies
  • Simplifying terms to create a survey for all
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Why be an Amazing Workplace?

Once you have taken the actions to become an Amazing Workplace, there is a serenity that settles over the executives and staff. There is a knowledge that your company is truly in a great place. The employees are happy and engaged, the executives are confident, the company product is improved, the customers are happy, and the bottom line has a pep in its step.

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What is employee happiness?

“Employee happiness" refers to the overall contentment and satisfaction of your employees in the workplace. It means that your team members feel positive, motivated, and fulfilled while carrying out their responsibilities within the organization.

When employees are happy, they tend to:

Engage more: Happy employees are enthusiastic about their work, leading to increased productivity and dedication to their roles.

Collaborate effectively: A positive work environment fosters teamwork and encourages employees to support and help each other.

Innovate and problem-solve: When employees are happy, they are more likely to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to challenges.

Stay committed: Satisfied employees are less likely to seek employment elsewhere, reducing turnover and the associated costs.

Provide better customer service: Employee happiness often translates into better interactions with customers or clients, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

When employees feel valued and content in their roles, the entire organization benefits from improved morale, performance, and success.

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What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a very important idea. Its simplest definition is the level of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels towards their workplace. It is an outcome and can be measured.

Employee engagement was created by William Kahn from the University of Chicago in the 1990s. His definition of employee engagement was different from the definitions used today by Gallup and other survey companies. Kahn’s definition focused on creating an environment where employees could be their best selves–which he later defined as employee happiness.

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What is the difference between happiness and engagement?

Engagement is simply one manifestation of happiness. In other words, happiness is the senior goal that leads to many qualities, engagement being just one of those.

This is why employee engagement is only one of twelve areas measured by our Employee Happiness Survey™. While employee engagement is very important, so is Productivity, Leadership, Culture, Purpose, Communication, and more. We call these “Critical Workplace Areas” because each of them is very important to workplace success and employee happiness.

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What is company culture?

Company culture refers to the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that shape the work environment and define the organization's identity. Company culture significantly affects the health of an organization. Here's why creating a positive company culture is crucial:

Productivity and performance: A positive culture motivates employees to work harder and be more productive. When employees feel valued and connected to the organization's mission, they are more likely to put in extra effort to achieve their goals.

Attracting top talent: A strong company culture can act as a magnet for top talent in the industry. Potential candidates are more likely to be drawn to an organization that has a reputation for being a great place to work.

Brand reputation: A positive company culture can enhance the organization's brand reputation. Customers, partners, and stakeholders often prefer to associate with companies known for treating their employees well.

Employee health and well-being: A positive culture promotes a healthier work-life balance and reduces stress and burnout among employees. This leads to improved mental and physical health, which, in turn, contributes to higher job satisfaction and productivity.

Adaptability to change: In a positive company culture, employees are more adaptable to change and are more likely to embrace new initiatives and strategies, helping the organization stay competitive and responsive to market demands.

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How do you measure employee happiness?

Simply put, you ask. Amazing Workplace’s Employee Happiness Survey™ delivers meaningful questions about how employees feel. With interactive screens that present “happiness feelings,” employees can express their feelings about the things that matter most to them.

Removing all doubt, Amazing Workplace’s survey system uses advanced technology to provide survey participants’ real time feedback. At the end of each survey section, employees are presented with a happiness feeling based on their answers and are candidly asked if it accurately represents how they feel. Employees have an opportunity to confirm or change their happiness feelings to more accurately represent how they feel. At the conclusion, you, the manager, receive the most comprehensive and actionable information available from an employee survey.

Take the plunge A lot depends on your company culture. Make it the best.

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